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In any industry sector reach reality proves we are in a war for the top talent. Fact is only 10% of relevant and experienced talent in your industry sector are actively looking for a role at any given moment in time. Those whom typically appear to be the most successful in any industry are loyal to their brand and happy achieving in their current role and these select performers add up to only about 20% of your industry. It is highly probable that via avenues of traditional recruitment job posting and branding, you miss reaching 90% of potential candidates in your industry that may be relevant for your opportunity as they will not be actively engaged in career change and job search. Whilst the elusive top 20% will most often remain passive candidates – not active seekers, although they are always interested to hear of an excellent opportunity. We have reach into and know how to engage the top 20% with our longer term relationships and human approach Waterford Recruitment can turn tide on the war for the top talent.

We know how to break your talent drought. Ask yourself this: Why is my recruitment agent focused on using job boards? This activity targets the same open job market performers you too can find and provides little to no value to any organisational BAU activity. Simply engaging in their own branding opportunities, they are not reaching the 90% non-active segment and may not be identifying your brand with the top 20%, which are often the best candidates relevant to your current needs. This fact is simple: It is our responsibility to create candidates for you, not wait for candidates to find you.



10 years network reach and exposure promoting senior and executive appointments into SMB and tier 1 global brands.


8 years experience within the Australian finance industry assisting with accounts to CFO opportunities.


6 years in the hospitality market with world leading brands in some of the most prestigious locations


4 years in the APAC/SEA ICT space with tier 1 global brands. A reputation for “Top of the Game” delivery in a highly demanding market.

In 2007 the concept of creating a recruitment brand that focused more on personal interaction and less concerned with pigeon holing people, a brand built around human potential and individual character was not so mainstream and is exciting today maintaining this vision as it was building it.