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Waterford Recruitment doors opened in 2007, over ten years ago now. The concept of creating a recruitment brand that was less concerned with pigeon holing people and focused more on personal interaction, built around potential and character which in 2007 was not so mainstream, was as exciting then as it is today maintaining this vision.

Establishing a brand with a focus on humanity that would make a difference meant breaking the status quo of traditional process orientated recruitment solutions that are often employed by agencies. The reliance placed on technology has changed the amount of quality interaction and sometimes eroding any market or even personal understanding, ultimately diminishing your excitement in what should be an exciting time filled with promise. Waterford Recruitment still maintain our human touch, providing care and personal attention with every introduction. Proud of our natural and progressive growth, initially in 2007 Waterford Recruitment provided office support solutions across Victoria.

Rapidly growing with a reputation of care and trust, we quickly established a finance division providing introduction nationally to tier 1 and tier 2 finance organisations in Victoria and New South Wales. Natural and carefully planned growth, 2011 saw our hospitality division open providing solutions to some of the world’s leading hotelier groups along the east coast of Australia. In 2013 we noticed the increasingly rushed and transactional recruitment method employed in the Australian ICT recruitment market and believed this will have to change, we decided to evolve again and provide our unique personal experience to IT and Telco professionals first across Australia and eventually our reputation saw this ICT division grow into the APAC and SEA markets.


Today still employing our traditional hands on personalised approach, listening to your opinions and sharing your experience of the recruitment process, improves our unique interaction and consequentially your individual involvement with us. Waterford Recruitment provide unique talent introduction solutions across Australia, Japan (the Asia Pacific region), USA and South East Asia predominately within Singapore and Malaysia to tier one organisations. We have grown with you to provide a service for you, one that meets your current need and future potential.


To listen and communicate openly without prejudice or fear of honesty. We promote authenticity, integrity, transparency and participate in real two-way communication with outcomes and direction.

We nurture personal relationships, build awareness and market knowledge through engaged communities of like-minded individuals.

Understanding our market is evident through our artistry in delivering compelling stories of career succession and a real future within your organisation.

Give us a call, we are always happy to meet for a one-to-one over a hot coffee or delicious lunch.

We open informative discussion and listen to the needs and changes affecting your industry. Fostering an emotional attachment with excited talent to engage into a new career full of enthusiasm, hope and defined futures that contain multiple and flexible personal goals.

Waterford Recruitment understand and change with the constantly fluctuating talent market. However, what’s more important is that we understand your market.